Oak staircase

Natural, sustainable and warm. Oak staircases are known for their unparalleled beauty and versatility.

The appreciation for oak stairs is certainly not a recent discovery within Europe. This strong and aesthetically attractive type of wood can be found in rustic homes and historic buildings. Historical, because oak has captured the soul of interior design for centuries in countless intriguing designs. An oak staircase is therefore ideal if you are looking for a timeless and reliable staircase that will continue to delight generations.

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Oak staircases fit within a wide range of interior styles. From stately mansions to modern lofts, an oak staircase adapts and enriches any environment. This makes them also popular in combination with other materials. Add contemporary glass details to your oak staircase, or take a step towards industrial splendor with a steel balustrade.

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“The organic allure of oak is known to everyone. An oak staircase is characterized by the warmth, beauty and tranquility that you also find in nature.”
Djurre van Bruchem

Country oak staircase

Anchored in tradition and natural charm. A country oak staircase radiates warmth and tradition by accentuating the natural properties of wood. Showcase the characteristic texture and wood grain of oak in your country oak staircase with oak beams as steps, or add subtle rustic elements to the design.

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Modern oak staircase

Combine timeless allure with innovative design. A modern oak staircase explores the balance between classical splendor and modern lines. For example, choose robust oak steps in a floating staircase, or integrate an architectural steel fence into your modern oak staircase.

A custom-made oak staircase

A custom-made oak staircase embraces your creative vision and will last for years. Van Bruchem Staircases has specialized in the design and manufacture of exclusive custom-made staircases since 1888. Your oak staircase is in good hands if you are looking for personalized design, quality materials and passionate craftsmanship.

We have had excellent cooperation with some of our suppliers for more than 50 years. We also have our own steel and wood production, which allows us to guarantee the quality of our products.


Bring your vision to life. We design and realize an oak staircase that fits seamlessly with your interior. A custom-made staircase by Van Bruchem means an oak staircase that will provide years of pleasure, both functionally and aesthetically.

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