Iron staircase

Dynamic lines and geometric shapes reflect the contemporary aesthetic of an iron staircase. Together with the steel staircase and the metal staircase, the iron staircase represents a progressive interior vision that you often encounter in modern homes, loft apartments and industrial studios.

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Iron staircase construction

With an iron staircase you choose a strong and durable construction. Not only aesthetically, but also functionally interesting because of its resistance to wear.

In addition, iron is versatile, making an iron staircase easy to integrate into various interior styles. For example, adding wooden steps within an iron frame brings with it an obvious association with the industrial interior style. Do you like to emphasize modern innovation? Then a fully iron model in a sleek design is interesting.

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“An iron staircase symbolizes indestructible charm and durability.”
Djurre van Bruchem

Private iron staircase

Bring breathtaking design into your home with your custom iron staircase. Choose the power of iron when you are looking for a statement in the room. Any space, large or small. For example, place an open staircase in a smaller room to create a spacious feeling. Or integrate a glass wall as a partition in a large open room and immediately add a touch of modern elegance.

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Business iron staircase

Leave a strong impression in your professional environment. An iron staircase emphasizes innovation, quality and a no-nonsense character. Draw attention with an architectural iron spiral staircase with a matching balustrade in the middle of a room, or opt for geometric lines with the grandeur of an iron double-quarter staircase.

A custom-made iron staircase

Having your iron staircase realized by Van Bruchem means getting an exclusive custom-made staircase. For over 135 years we have been designing and creating unique stairs that fit seamlessly with your interior vision. Our passion lies in building and devising special designs that your customers or guests can’t help but pause for a moment.

With the revolutionary LID construction method we developed, we have found a way to take your stairs to a higher level. LID stands for ‘Limitless in Design’. By refining our materials and techniques, we can realize almost any stair shape. The LID construction technology ensures an improved smooth finish of your iron stairs.


You have an idea, we have the knowledge and skills to implement it. This all starts with a personal introduction in which we discuss your wishes in detail. Preferably in our showroom, so that you can immediately become acquainted with the different materials and options for your situation.

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