Classic staircase

A traditional and timeless symbol of impressive style. The classic staircase naturally radiates unsurpassed elegance and refinement.

The sense of grandeur that the classical staircase brings is often associated with stately mansions and Victorian country houses. This makes the classic staircase a popular construction that you have probably encountered in beautiful buildings such as museums or hotels.

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Classic staircase design

In contrast to the sleek minimalist shapes of the modern staircase, a classic staircase is a robust and extremely solid presence. Characteristic elements include detailed woodwork, balusters and wrought iron decorations. Designing and creating a classic staircase requires professional knowledge and careful craftsmanship. Knowledge and skills that Van Bruchem has been cultivating with dedication and enthusiasm since 1888.

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“A classic staircase brings together timeless elegance and grandeur. A stair shape that young and old will enjoy endlessly.”
Djurre van Bruchem

A custom-made classic staircase

We see a work of art in itself in every step and balustrade. Whether you choose hand-carved details or the charm of natural wood grains, your classic staircase will be carefully designed and created according to your vision. Add to this years of experience and expertise, and you get a unique custom-made staircase that will last for years.

Van Bruchem has its own steel and wood production. This way we can guarantee the quality of our materials. Visit our showroom and discover the different material options.

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Private classic staircase

Add a touch of heritage to your interior with a classic staircase, a luxurious staircase that unites tradition and beauty. The rich possibilities in various materials such as wood, marble and iron flow together into a unique custom-made staircase. From graceful spiral staircases to cozy country staircases, a classic staircase takes the shape that suits you best.

Business classic staircase

Leave an unforgettable first impression with the architectural prestige of classic staircases. Visualize the effect of a powerful entrance staircase in a business headquarters or a stylish lobby staircase in a hotel. With a classic staircase you achieve the perfect balance between timeless elegance and traditional durability.

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LID construction method

Limitless in Design. With the revolutionary LID construction method developed by Van Bruchem Staircases, almost any stair shape is possible. Based on a steel construction, combined with a special filling and a hard top layer, we offer smooth finishing options for various stairs. A modern alternative to your classic staircase.


Your classic staircase as an authentic work of art. Van Bruchem Staircases has been building exclusive custom-made staircases for private and business purposes for 135 years. A collaboration with us means realizing a staircase based on careful craftsmanship, guaranteed quality and immense enthusiasm to create the most beautiful staircases. Complete the contact form below to discuss the options without obligation.

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