Custom-made staircase

Choosing the perfect staircase for your home is a special experience. Your personal interior style was not created in one day. You expect the same care to be reflected in the design of your custom-made staircase.

A custom-made staircase is more than a functional connection between floors. It is the aesthetic extension of your personal style. Choosing a custom staircase means putting together an exclusive architectural work of art from the very first step that you can enjoy for years to come.

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Have a staircase custom made

The possibilities associated with designing a custom-made staircase are as diverse as you can imagine. That can be intimidating. That is why we are happy to think along with you based on our years of knowledge and expertise in the field.

By getting to know your interior vision, the spatial facilities and any limitations, we create a staircase that fully fits your needs, both practically and aesthetically.

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“Craftsmanship and creativity merge into a custom-made staircase that tells your story in every step.”
Djurre van Bruchem

Private custom-made staircase

From classic to modern and from compact to spacious. A custom-made staircase is the vertical expression of style within a diversity of interior styles and sizes.

For example, are you looking for an authentic eye-catcher, but don’t want to give up too much storage space? Then consider a z-staircase with a storage structure under the steps. Do you want to use your stairs as an aesthetic statement in an open space? Then a spiral staircase with intriguing detail work is the ideal addition to your home.

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Business custom-made staircase

A custom-made business staircase represents and reinforces the unique character of your organization. Transform an average space with an impressive staircase construction that continues to delight both customers and employees.

For example, choose a powerful impression with a robust concrete-look spiral staircase in an open space. Or emphasize modern elegance and minimalist design with a sleek floating staircase. The possibilities are endless.

LID construction method

Creating a custom-made staircase goes hand in hand with the development of our construction techniques. That is why Van Bruchem Staircases created the LID construction method. This stands for ‘Limitless in Design’. Literally, because almost every shape becomes conceivable through this technique.


Van Bruchem Staircases has been designing and creating authentic custom-made staircases with great enthusiasm since 1888. We transform fantastic ideas into the most unique stair constructions, every day.

Through continuously developing craftsmanship, excellent cooperation with our suppliers and a diversity of high-quality materials from our own steel and wood production, we have been literally and figuratively taking custom stairs to the next level for years.

We are happy to help you find the best custom-made staircase for your interior vision. Use the contact form and visit our showroom for a no-obligation orientation meeting.

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