Stylish, space-saving and dynamic. The playful shape of the steps that give the z-stairs its characteristic name guarantees a dazzling eye-catcher in your home. This staircase is interesting both stylistically and practically. The compact nature and open character ensure that not only large, but also the smallest spaces can enjoy a sleek and modern addition to the home or office.

Z-trap particulier


That building a z-staircase requires precision and custom work quickly becomes clear when you look at the stylized shape up close. The z-shaped pattern visible from the side is created by placing successive steps alternately on the left and right sides. Despite its modest form, building a z-staircase requires craftsmanship and accuracy.

A unique shape that also has advantages. The construction of this minimalist type of staircase is accompanied by a lot of open space, perfect for storage options. For example, consider a custom-made cupboard that fits seamlessly with your stairs. Or take advantage of the open character and create the optical impression of a larger space, even in narrower homes.

Z-trap woning
“A z-staircase gives your home a unique twist with its artistic play of lines and movement. This contemporary design is the ideal eye-catcher in your home.”
Djurre van Bruchem

Z-stairs in the home or office

Despite its special appearance, a z-staircase is so versatile that it easily integrates with various interior styles. By choosing materials that match the aesthetics of your home, you ensure that the stairs fit seamlessly with your style. The perfect design for your home? You can count on us for that. From design to construction, Van Bruchem Staircases takes care of your exclusive staircase design from A to Z.

Eiken z-trap

Oak z-stairs

With the unique appearance of an oak z-stairs you choose an innovative statement in your interior. Oak is a popular type of wood because of its durability and resistance to wear and tear. Special grain patterns and a variety of natural shades make an oak z-stairs the ideal timeless investment.

Business z-stairs

This staircase can also be an interesting eye-catcher for business purposes. A high-quality z-stairs in the middle of a showroom or reception area gives a minimalist and modern impression. In contrast to, for example, an elegant helical staircase or spiral staircase, the z-staircase is a powerful presence that invites customers to further explore the space.

Zakelijk z-trap

Custom made z-staircase

We have specialized in custom craftsmanship since 1888. This means that we use our years of knowledge and expertise with enthusiasm for your project. Count on authentic design and high-quality materials from our own steel and wood production, combined with the best possible service. Visit our showroom for a no-obligation consultation and discover a range of material samples and projects for inspiration. Step by step we create a z-staircase that the whole family can enjoy.


Expertly built z-stairs with an exclusive custom design. Each concept is unique and created based on your personal situation. Use the contact form below to request an exploratory meeting without obligation.

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