Industrial staircase

A fine example of style with a distinct character. The industrial staircase, with its unpolished charm, makes an intriguing statement in any environment.

The industrial interior style draws inspiration from factory and industrial environments that embrace hard work, raw materials and aesthetic simplicity. This is translated into visible construction elements and uncomplicated color palettes.

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Industrial staircase design

Industrial stairs can easily be integrated into both homes and business environments of different sizes. From city apartments to modern office environments, everything is possible.

The often open and unprocessed character of industrial staircases creates a feeling of spaciousness, which means that this stair shape visually takes up less space than, for example, a classic staircase. Industrial staircases are typically constructed from raw materials such as steel, brick and concrete. This is often in combination with more accessible wooden elements.

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“The perfect balance between a rough and refined look. An industrial staircase is a sturdy aesthetic addition to any interior.”
Djurre van Bruchem

An industrial staircase in your home

Bring an industrial staircase into your home as an ode to unpolished minimalism. With powerful lines, open constructions and unprocessed texture, an industrial staircase breathes life into your home. Not in a delicate way, but with an unfiltered cry that despises unnecessary details. This ‘you get what you see’ look is ideal when you are looking for an impressive entrance, or as a visual statement between floors.

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An industrial staircase in your company

Down to earth and robust. Industrial staircases act as a visual spectacle in a wide range of business environments such as office spaces, lobbies and restaurants. Combine the effects of different materials such as steel, concrete and natural wood to create an authentic staircase that reflects the identity of your organization.

A custom-made industrial staircase

A custom-made industrial staircase is an investment that will last for years. Van Bruchem Staircases has been manufacturing unique custom stairs since 1888, completely in line with your vision. We do this through dedicated craftsmanship, high-quality materials and excellent cooperation with our suppliers.

Place your creative vision in our hands and count on a unique industrial staircase thanks to the LID construction method. LID stands for ‘Limitless in Design’. With this construction technique developed by Van Bruchem Staircases, we can create almost any shape. LID ensures a perfectly flowing finish of the stairs.


The timeless allure of your industrial staircase grows from an idea. Combine your wishes with our expertise and achieve a staircase that is an extension of your interior, both functionally and aesthetically. Complete the contact form below and visit our showroom for a no-obligation orientation meeting.

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