Luxury staircase

High-quality materials, intriguing detail work and exclusive design. Luxury staircases exude opulence and grandeur in any environment.

Elevate well-known interior styles to a higher level by adding unique details to your luxurious staircase. The result, an authentic work of art that demands attention without any embarrassment.

Luxe trap detail

Luxury staircase design

Luxury stairs are often characterized by refined personalized customization. From the choice of materials to the finish, each staircase is a unique construction that fits seamlessly with an interior vision. Functionality and aesthetic pleasure meet here in the design and choice of high-quality materials such as solid oak, marble, glass and precious metals.

Luxe zakelijke trap
“A luxurious staircase goes one step further. This staircase radiates unprecedented refinement and exclusivity.”
Djurre van Bruchem

Luxury business staircase

Luxury staircases, in all their geometric splendor and architectural grandeur, abhor the idea of ​​a merely simple connection between floors. Custom-made luxury staircases embody the mission and vision of your organization, without sacrificing functional value.

For example, consider special elliptical lines on a design staircase. Or choose a stately concrete look as the focal point of the entrance space.

Visit our showroom and become acquainted with a wide range of material options.

Luxe particuliere trap

Private luxury staircase

Go for impressive impact with the breathtaking design of luxury staircases. Luxury can be integrated into the design of your stairs in various ways. For example, add hand-carved detail work to a beautiful solid wood staircase. Or unleash masterful craftsmanship on the steel balustrade of your modern staircase.

Whether you choose subtle or extravagant, a luxury staircase takes the form that suits you best. Luxury staircases effortlessly unite art and functionality to embody your personal style

A custom-made luxury staircase

Van Bruchem Staircases has been creating authentic custom-made staircases for over 135 years. We specialize in the complete construction of exclusive staircases, from concept to installation.

Architectural art and craftsmanship merge in the revolutionary LID construction method. LID stands for ‘Limitless in Design’. Almost every stair shape is conceivable using this construction technique developed by Van Bruchem. Where complex constructions previously posed a risk of unevenness, LID ensures a flawless finish of the stairs.


A luxury staircase is a unique custom-made construction that embodies your personal style. This requires a custom-made approach. That is why we would like to invite you for an introduction to our showroom. This way we can discuss the options for your home or business environment together. Complete the contact form and schedule a no-obligation orientation meeting with us.

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