Modern staircase

A staircase is much more than just a functional connection between floors. As an aesthetic extension of personal interior style, stairs have now become true works of art. For both business and private use, a staircase is a real eye-catcher that deliberately invites you to further explore a space.

This also applies to the modern staircase. The embodiment of contemporary charm, the modern staircase with its sleek lines and refined materials is an iconic design staircase in a variety of environments.

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Modern staircase design

Modern staircases reflect the spirit of the times of dynamic lines and minimalist design, a sharp contrast with the robust classic staircases. Construction techniques and design principles come together here to achieve the ultimate balance between form and function.

Selecting the right materials plays a crucial role in this. For example, the combination of wood and steel is characteristic of industrial staircases, while glass, for example, can enhance the open and airy aspect of a floating staircase. Each material brings a unique added value. The choice of material therefore has a great influence on the final appearance of your modern staircase.

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“Capture innovation and progress step by step with a modern staircase.”
Djurre van Bruchem

A custom-made modern staircase

A modern home deserves a suitable modern staircase as an excellent connection between your floors. Van Bruchem Staircases has been creating exclusive custom staircases for 135 years, where creativity and high quality meet to bring your vision to life.

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Private modern staircase

Embrace the element of contemporary expression in your home through a modern staircase. Combine innovative materials with smart functionalities such as integrated storage space or lighting and achieve a progressive, modern look.

Business modern staircase

Forward dynamics, inspired inspiration and a functional working environment come together in a modern office staircase. Challenge traditional office design with high-quality materials, aesthetic design and a unique touch that is characteristic of your organization.

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LID construction method

Our revolutionary LID construction technology is completely in line with modernity. LID stands for ‘Limitless in Design’. Literally, because this construction method makes almost any stair shape possible. The use of a steel construction, a special filling and a hard top layer provides innovative possibilities for your stairs. In addition, LID construction technology provides an improved smooth finish of the bottom of the stairs.


Van Bruchem Staircases has been designing and creating authentic stairs for private and business purposes since 1888. Building a unique staircase involves careful craftsmanship, exclusive design and excellent materials from our own steel and wood production. In this way we guarantee the quality of your modern staircase, from design to installation. Contact us via the contact form below to schedule an exploratory meeting without obligation.

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