Floating staircase

Modern, open and elegant. A floating staircase embodies character in a subtle and stylish way. Ideal when you are looking for remarkable design in combination with a feeling of space and light in your interior.

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The name says it all, but with this staircase the steps appear to float, because they are attached to a supporting structure with one side without visible support. This supporting structure is attached to the wall or ceiling and then, depending on the desired appearance, hidden or not. Where a spiral staircase or helical staircase has a distinctive traditional presence, a floating staircase offers a more unique, fresh and open impression.

The open and translucent concept guarantees endless possibilities. For example, a minimalist presence that maintains peace in the room may best suit your interior. Or, conversely, do you want a special architectural stair construction that evokes admiration? Add to this a variety of material options and you get an exclusive staircase that embodies your style 100%.

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“Illusion and elegance go hand in hand with a floating staircase. Unique without being overpowering, this minimalist staircase exudes refined elegance.”
Djurre van Bruchem

Floating staircase construction

Van Bruchem Staircases designs and realizes custom-made staircases where design, craftsmanship and quality meet. A staircase should be more than a purely functional connection between floors.

Floating to the next floor is special in itself. This experience becomes even more special by playing with different materials and construction options. Finding the balance between functionality and design is exactly what we like to use our expertise for. We make it as crazy, or as serious, as you can imagine.

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Unique floating steps

Opt for a sleek futuristic look by placing floating steel steps against a contrasting white wall. Or play with geometry by running minimalist wooden steps in two quarters to the next floor.

Do you want extra safety without losing the impressive view of a floating staircase? Then consider a glass wall. This way your stairs remain the open spatial eye-catcher in your home, but in a safe way.

A custom-made floating staircase

We are proud of our knowledge and expertise within the field and enthusiastically use our craftsmanship for new ideas. We have been working with some of our suppliers for more than 50 years. We also have our own steel and wood production to guarantee the quality of our products. Combine excellent materials with authentic craftsmanship and innovative design and you can count on the right stairs for every environment.

A unique home deserves an exclusive floating staircase. To achieve this, we would like to schedule an introduction with you. During the conversation we will look at how we can create a staircase that fits seamlessly with the rest of your interior. We map out all personal wishes and offer advice based on our expertise to design the perfect staircase.


When you buy a floating staircase from Van Bruchem, you can count on exceptional design and careful craftsmanship. Our stairs are always custom-made. Use the contact form below and visit our showroom for a no-obligation orientation meeting.

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