Country staircase

Stylish, idyllic and simple. A country staircase is the ultimate embodiment of atmospheric evenings by the fireplace. This stair shape draws inspiration from rustic elements with a preference for natural materials. Country stairs often represent functionality and comfort in a modest design.

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Country staircase design

Country staircases strive for a warm and organic appearance. Simple, but in a stylish way. They are often made from a variety of wood types, such as oak or pine wood. The country aspect is emphasized by using the natural wood grain, texture and colors of these types of wood.

Most recognize country staircases for their distinct character that is often associated with the comfort found in cottage-style homes, or the charm of a holiday home on a beautiful vineyard. With a country staircase you bring the experience of the outside inside.

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“Rustic charm full of warmth. The feeling of a crackling fire in an idyllic cottage, but in a staircase.”
Djurre van Bruchem

Modern country staircase

Achieve the balance between the contemporary aesthetic of a modern staircase and the rustic allure of a country staircase. With a modern country staircase you embrace the power of contradictions. Combine the warm character of wood with the minimalist beauty of steel or glass. The result, a staircase that unites the best of both worlds.

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Wooden country staircase

Balanced, both aesthetically and functionally. A wooden country staircase encompasses the essence of a country interior style. By choosing from different types of wood and finishing options, you create a unique custom-made staircase that fully matches your personal style. Think of open oak steps that play with light and spaciousness. Or how about a robust wooden country staircase with an elegant hand-carved balustrade?

A custom-made country staircase

Van Bruchem Staircases has been designing and realizing authentic design staircases for over 135 years. We bring together our enthusiasm, craftsmanship and an extensive range of high-quality materials to develop your idea into a unique, custom-made country staircase.

Exclusive design and expert execution meet in this revolutionary construction method. LID stands for ‘Limitless in Design’. This construction method developed by Van Bruchem Staircases offers more possibilities for the development of stairs, allowing us to create almost any stair shape.


Creating a custom staircase is a collaboration between your vision and our expertise. We guide you from concept to installation through the steps needed to realize your stairs. Contact us via the contact form and visit our showroom for a no-obligation orientation meeting.

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