Design staircase

Design staircase

Design, materials and design elements. Just the way you want them. A design staircase is a special custom construction that pays explicit attention to individual aesthetics and style. Ideal in more abstractly shaped spaces, or when you are looking for a touch of authenticity that transcends conventional design.

A design staircase is exclusive, but also accessible. The design is completely based on your functional and aesthetic wishes. Whether you are looking for architectural splendor in a large or small format, a design staircase can be constructed in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

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Designing a design staircase

Creative shapes and innovative materials. A design staircase does not adhere to the regulations of well-known interior styles. Various material types and design elements come together to form a visually stunning structure. Design stairs rarely function as a subtle presence, but are made to intrigue at a glance.

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“Your unique interior style deserves a matching staircase. Our design staircases effortlessly bring art and functionality together.”
Djurre van Bruchem

Business design staircase

Design staircases play a crucial role in memorable business interior design. As a symbiosis of form and function, a business design staircase radiates innovative thinking within the framework of your brand identity. Consider an imposing helical staircase with integrated lighting in an open entrance hall. Or break tradition by adding modern glass elements to a classic staircase.

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Private design staircase

Design staircases are without a doubt a statement in the home. They test the boundaries of conventional interior design and are not shy about crossing them. Consider, for example, the sleek appearance of an industrial staircase that is then covered with rustic oak. Or vice versa, a charming country staircase that is finished with modern integrated lighting in the steps.

A custom-made design staircase

Choose awe-inspiring design with a custom-made design staircase. Van Bruchem has been creating authentic custom-made staircases for over 135 years. With a dedicated passion for the profession and an endless range of design and material options, we design and build the most special custom-made staircase constructions for both private and business purposes.

Van Bruchem has specialized in manufacturing exclusive stair constructions since 1888. In addition to innovative design, we continuously strive to further develop our craft.

This is how the LID construction method came into being. LID stands for ‘Limitless in Design’. This revolutionary construction technique makes almost any stair shape possible. LID ensures a smooth finish of your design staircase.


Inspire and fascinate with an exclusive custom-made design staircase in your home or business environment. We are happy to bring your interior vision to life. Use the contact form and visit our showroom for a no-obligation orientation meeting.

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