Helical staircase

As one of the most famous staircase shapes, a helical staircase exudes elegance and grace. A timeless design with flowing lines that contrast sharply with the geometric shapes of, for example, the z-stairs or block stairs. Refined and space-saving due to its predominantly vertical orientation, a helical staircase is an asset to any interior.

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Buy designer helical staircase

Purchasing a custom-made staircase is a memorable experience. A helical staircase can be both a subtle addition and an architectural centerpiece to the room. The construction is characterized by a central vertical axis, around which the steps spiral upwards. This is why a helical staircase is also called a spiral staircase.

Unlike a floating staircase, the supporting structure of a helical staircase is clearly visible. This is accompanied by endless material and finishing options, which makes a helical staircase easy to integrate into different interior styles. From classic to modern, we design and realize a staircase that fits seamlessly with your vision.

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“Amazing spirals that can easily be integrated into any interior style. Classic or modern, a helical staircase adapts to your environment.”
Djurre van Bruchem

LID construction method

Your helical staircase as a work of art in your home. LID stands for ‘Limitless in Design’. Almost any stair shape is possible using this revolutionary technique from Van Bruchem Staircases. The use of a steel construction, a special filling and a hard top layer with different finishes ensures a flowing design of the stairs.

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Wooden helical staircase

A wooden helical staircase combines charming aesthetics with functionality. The natural appearance of different types of wood brings warmth and coziness into the home. Flowing lines and a wooden construction create an inviting atmosphere of peace and comfort. Wood is also a workable material. This allows us to offer a wide selection of finishing options where craftsmanship and unique design meet.

Steel helical staircase

Sleek and contemporary. A steel helical staircase is an excellent choice for anyone who likes a modern industrial interior. Powerful yet delicate, steel effortlessly supports the elegant look that comes with the idea of a helical staircase. In addition, steel is a solid and reliable material choice that will last for generations. Other materials also go well with steel. For example, consider a steel staircase with glass details for a light and spacious feeling, or combine concrete steps with a steel balustrade.

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Custom made

We enthusiastically use our craftsmanship to create the exclusive helical staircase that fits your home. Van Bruchem Staircases works with high-quality suppliers and excellent materials from all over the world. Thanks to our own steel and wood production, we can guarantee the quality of our products.

Feel free to visit our showroom to get inspiration and view our materials.


A helical staircase via Van Bruchem Staircases is characterized by authentic customization, high-quality materials and personalized design. We have been making selecting your stairs a true experience since 1888. Complete the contact form below and schedule an exploratory meeting with us without obligation.

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