Block staircase

Minimalist, stylish and sleek. A block staircase in your home radiates purposeful functionality. Configurable for rooms of all sizes as a subtle presence, or as a powerful visual centerpiece of your interior. It just depends on what you choose.

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When making a block staircase, the step and riser are basically brought together at 90 degrees. Despite this straightforward principle, there are plenty of options to give this staircase a unique look. The geometric shapes are modern and aesthetically pleasing, which is refreshing compared to the more traditional straight stairs.

Materials such as wood, glass, metal or a combination can be used to design an impressive composition that is completely in line with your interior. In addition to being architectural eye-catchers, block stairs are also practically interesting. Compared to stairs such as a double-quarter staircase or spiral staircase, they have steep lines that offer the opportunity to deal more efficiently with smaller vertical spaces. The design also allows plenty of space for storage options under the stairs.

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“Combine geometric allure and functional design by installing a block staircase. A practical eye-catcher where storage space can be easily integrated.”
Djurre van Bruchem

Design block staircases

Van Bruchem Staircases offers custom-made stairs for both private and business environments. Every project is a unique experience where design and functionality merge seamlessly. We look for the best design solution that implements your vision both creatively and technically.

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Business block staircase

If you want a block staircase that is in harmony with the open and clear appearance of your reception room, you can, for example, choose to receive customers from a minimalist, sleek design with an intriguing glass railing. Or opt for a robust wooden centerpiece with geometric lines and a warm appearance that invites you to further explore the building.

Private block staircase

A block staircase can also fulfill an aesthetic and functional role in the home. If space in your home is limited, consider a block staircase with custom storage options under the steps. Or achieve a subtle integration with a floating model in light wood tones.

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Custom-made block staircase

We are proud of our years of knowledge and expertise and enthusiastically use our craftsmanship for new ideas. We have been working with some of our suppliers for more than 50 years. In addition, we have our own steel and wood production to guarantee the quality of our products.

The possibilities are endless. That is why we would like to get to know you through a personal conversation in our showroom. During this conversation we discuss creative and technical wishes. You can count on our advice and a comprehensive overview of the different material options.


Our block staircases are characterized by exceptional design and precise customization. Each unique design is subject to several factors, including personal wishes and available space. Use the contact form below to request an exploratory meeting without obligation.

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