Staircase with slide

Adventurous, dynamic and ultra-modern. Few words are needed to describe how special a staircase with slide can be in your home. Unforgettable experiences for all ages guaranteed, without sacrificing exclusive design. We design and realize a slide staircase that not only brings fun, but also fits perfectly with your interior.

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Slide staircase construction

A slide staircase is a special construction that literally combines a staircase and a slide. When building this staircase, both a staircase and a functional slide are made. The slide is then strategically connected to the stairs, making it easy and safe to access.

The result? A real eye-catcher that connects floors in a unique and playful way. By connecting a slide to your stairs you bring an extra dose of joy and liveliness into your home for young and old. This staircase, just like a grandstand staircase, stimulates interaction and movement, transforming a daily routine into an adventurous game.

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“Bring a touch of adventure into your home with a slide staircase and let your inner child shine again.”
Djurre van Bruchem

A custom-made slide staircase

Van Bruchem Staircases has been creating authentic custom-made staircases since 1888. We know better than anyone what is involved when purchasing a slide staircase. Your stairs are an extension of your interior. We are happy to use our years of knowledge to advise you about the options for your home.

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LID Construction method

Almost every shape is possible with the LID construction method developed by Van Bruchem Staircases. LID stands for ‘Limitless in Design’. This revolutionary technique combines a steel construction, a special filling and a hard top layer. The smooth finish of the bottom of the stairs and improved finish of the corners ensure a seamless construction.


Van Bruchem Staircases brings together 135 years of extensive knowledge, careful craftsmanship and optimized service to create the perfect slide staircase for you. You can also count on high-quality materials thanks to years of collaboration with excellent suppliers and quality from our own steel and wood production.

Contact us via the contact form below and schedule an exploratory meeting without obligation, or visit our showroom.

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