Grandstand staircase

Innovative and functional design. A grandstand staircase is an impressive construction that adds depth and dimension to large empty spaces. The open design appeals to the imagination as an inviting whole that encourages social interaction.

Unlike a space-saving spiral staircase or z-staircase, the grandstand staircase is designed to make optimal use of the available space. Ideal for locations where events take place. From business presentations to film screenings, the coziness of this architectural eye-catcher makes every social gathering an unforgettable experience.


Grandstand staircase design

The grandstand staircase takes its name from the structure on which it is based. Similar to bleachers in sports stadiums, theaters and auditoriums, these stairs are designed to provide comfortable seating and optimal viewing for a large group of people. By gradually increasing the height, this stair form combines efficient use of space with a safe way to accommodate large numbers.

Tribunetrap zakelijk
“An architectural masterpiece that brings people closer together. With a grandstand staircase you create the ideal social opportunity in your space.”
Djurre van Bruchem

A wooden grandstand staircase

Wood is a popular material that radiates elegance and warmth. Durable and timeless, wooden grandstand staircases are long lasting and resistant to the accelerated wear and tear that comes with intensive use. The natural character of this material brings an idyllic charm. Functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand for enthusiasts of all ages.

The versatility of wood makes it a flexible material for different interior styles. From Scandinavian minimalism to sleek industrial influences, wood offers options for all spaces in both classic and modern styles. Visit our showroom and view all our available material types.

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Business grandstand staircase

A grandstand staircase as an investment brings together timeless elegance and practical value within your organization. With this type of staircase, a business lobby, meeting room or auditorium becomes the ideal space to stimulate productivity. In contrast to a classic meeting room where employees and customers sit around tables, a grandstand staircase invites movement and interaction in an airy way. Consider grandstand staircases for areas with multiple business purposes and leave a memorable impression on not only customers, but also your own employees.

A custom-made grandstand staircase

Based on careful craftsmanship, years of collaboration with high-quality suppliers and excellent materials, we enthusiastically design and create the most diverse custom-made staircases. Are you looking for inspiration for the design of your grandstand stairs? Then be sure to visit our showroom. We would be happy to tell you more about our completed projects.


Van Bruchem Staircases has been creating personalized authentic stair constructions since 1888. We will take you through the possibilities of a custom-made grandstand staircase in your space from A to Z. Complete the contact form below and schedule an exploratory meeting with us without obligation.

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