Concrete-Look staircase

Concrete-Look staircase

Robust, modern, and minimalist. Concrete-look stairs are an unequivocal expression of personal style for when more traditional constructions don’t quite suit you. This contemporary staircase is often found in modern lofts, minimalist interiors, and serves as a contrasting element in more traditional homes.

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Designing a concrete-look staircase

With a concrete-look staircase, you bring the clean lines and industrial look of concrete into your home without the complexity of real concrete. Additionally, a concrete-look staircase can be easily personalized thanks to the extensive options in shades, texture, and finishes.

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"With a concrete-look staircase, you opt for robust strength and raw aesthetics in the space. It is the perfect staircase if you are looking for a rough and impressive appearance."
Djurre van Bruchem

Business concrete-look staircase

Combine durability, functionality, and architectural aesthetics with a concrete-look staircase in your business environment. An epitome of style, without being confined to a specific interior style. A concrete-look staircase, as a powerful brand statement, is an investment that lasts for years.

Consider a concrete-look spiral staircase that combines dynamism and industrial splendor, or, to illustrate modern progress, add a steel railing.

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Private concrete-look staircase

Concrete-look staircases are remarkable design statements effortlessly combining raw industrial strength and sleek elegance. In the right skilled hands, texture, color, and finish are shaped into the perfect reflection of your individual taste.

A concrete-look staircase adapts to various interior styles. For example, opt for a contemporary character and geometric beauty with a concrete-look Z-staircase. Or embrace innovative design by adding concrete-look details to a blue-steel staircase.

A custom-made concrete-look staircase

Since 1888, Van Bruchem has been designing and crafting exclusive custom-made staircases. Every residence, and consequently, every staircase, is unique. With years of craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and excellent collaboration with our suppliers, we ensure that each staircase becomes an authentic custom-made masterpiece.

Concrete-look staircases provide, in an accessible manner, the aesthetic illusion of concrete. Whether as a subtle extension of a minimalist interior or as a statement in the space, we design and build a custom-made staircase that seamlessly aligns with your interior preferences.

With the LID construction method, we bring innovation and technology together to elevate concrete-look staircases to a higher level. LID stands for ‘Limitless in Design.’ This revolutionary construction method developed by Van Bruchem ensures that almost any staircase shape becomes conceivable.


Bring your custom concrete-look staircase to life. During an introduction, we would love to share more about how we can bring your staircase from concept to installation. Are you looking for inspiration? Visit our showroom to view our completed projects and a wide range of material options from our own steel and wood production.

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