Blue-steel staircase

Straightforward, contemporary and dynamic. With blue steel you pay tribute to the industrial revolution, in which steel predominated in design. Back in time, but also modern. A blue-steel staircase is the perfect balance between raw charm and refined elegance in your home.

Just like the steel stairs or iron stairs, blue-steel stairs are a durable construction that you can enjoy endlessly. However, blue steel has the special property of being untreated. This allows it to develop a beautiful patina over time if you allow it.

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Blue-steel is also known as untreated steel or raw steel. Because it is not finished with a coating or paint, it retains its natural blue hue. Unique in itself, but also easy to combine with other materials such as glass or different types of wood.

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“Tough and elegant don't seem to go together, but nothing could be further from the truth. With a blue-steel staircase you can effortlessly achieve the fusion of both.”
Djurre van Bruchem

Private blue-steel staircase

Embrace industrial allure with a blue-steel staircase in your home. Sleek and minimalist design with a rough edge. Does a completely blue-steel staircase not fit in with your interior? For example, combine the robust character of blue-steel with the open appearance of a glass staircase. Or go for an oak staircase with impressive blue-steel accents.

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Business blue-steel staircase

Blue-steel staircases are also a reference to revolutionary progress in business terms. Powerful and minimalist, without unnecessary elements. With a blue-steel staircase you represent the modern business ethos through sleek design and dynamics.

A custom-made blue-steel staircase

Exclusive design based on your interior vision. Van Bruchem Staircases has been creating authentic custom staircases since 1888. Together with our customers and suppliers, we push the boundaries of interior design.

The idea of innovation and modernization is not only reflected in materials. The development of construction techniques also contributes to this. For example, we have developed the LID construction method at Van Bruchem Staircases. LID stands for ‘Limitless in Design’.

By using a steel construction, special finish and hard top layer, almost any stair shape can be realized. The LID construction technique guarantees a smooth finish of the stairs, which makes the corners in particular stand out better.


Your home or business premises deserves a blue-steel staircase that fits seamlessly with your interior style. That is why we would like to get to know them better through an exploratory conversation in our showroom. Use the contact form and schedule a no-obligation introduction with us to further discover the possibilities for your custom-made staircase.

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