Metal staircase

The epitome of modern interior design, the metal staircase has become a universal statement of contemporary splendor. Sleek minimalist shapes, a glossy finish and intriguing lines provide a wide range of design possibilities in both private and business environments.

With metal stairs, such as a steel staircase or blue-steel staircase, you choose a construction that can easily be integrated into different interior styles. And last but not least, a staircase that you can continue to enjoy for years to come.

Metalen trap detail

Metal staircase design

Authentic design, high-quality materials and careful craftsmanship. Your metal staircase is constructed with the utmost precision from step to balustrade, completely in line with your interior.

In addition to aesthetic pleasure, metal staircases are known for their stability, durability and versatility. In short, a solid base with endless finishing options such as exquisite artisanal details or a modern polished finish. In addition, metal staircases are ideal for combining with other materials such as wood, glass or natural stone.

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“Design and sustainability. The robust aesthetic of a metal staircase is guaranteed to last for years.”
Djurre van Bruchem

A custom-made metal staircase

Purchasing a custom-made metal staircase is a unique experience. During an exploratory introductory meeting we discover what your wishes and ideas are. We then offer personalized advice, based on the practical and stylistic possibilities of the available space. Visit our showroom for inspiration and get acquainted with various material options from our own steel and wood production.

Your custom-made metal staircase via Van Bruchem Staircases means step-by-step craftsmanship, quality and professional service, from design to installation.

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Private metal staircase

From classic aesthetics to minimalist elegance. With a metal staircase in your home you emphasize the charm of your personal style. For example, combine metal with wood for an industrial look, or integrate a modern glass balustrade that visually expands the space.

Business metal staircase

Metal staircases bring contemporary dynamics to life. So choose an innovative statement by placing a custom-made design staircase in your business space. Consider a sleek helical staircase as a subtle presence, or go for a robust eye-catcher as an expression of business progress.

Zakelijke metalen trap

LID construction method

A metal staircase as a work of art is possible with LID construction technology. LID stands for ‘Limitless in Design’. Literally, because with this revolutionary construction method developed by Van Bruchem Staircases, almost every stair shape is conceivable. We bring together excellent craftsmanship and unique design to literally and figuratively take your stairs to the next level.


Authentic and custom-made according to your vision. We have been designing and realizing exclusive metal staircases since 1888. Are you curious about the possibilities for your home or business space? Complete the contact form below and schedule an exploratory meeting with us without obligation.

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