Balustrades & Handrails

With a special staircase you can make a statement in your house. The balustrade and / or rail support also plays a major part. A beautifully shaped balustrade is the cherry on the cake. It was initially developed for safety but also offers many possibilities for an additional piece of design.

The balustrade and handrail follow the staircase upwards and with this shape the designer can play beautifully. From gracefully curly, straight and industrial to its own dynamic game of shapes. A balustrade can be made in the same style of the staircase, or not. Material and color ensure contrast. For example, the natural wood of a staircase justifies the modern element of the steel fence. Glass balustrades are currently popular. They leave enough light, are modern in appearance and give safety.

We have selected some of our balustrades:

De kunstwerken van Mondriaan diende als inspiratie voor dit stalen hekwerk in Amsterdam.
The works of Mondriaan served as inspiration for this steel fence in Amsterdam
The black sprayed steel fence gives this floating staircase an industrial atmosphere, in line with the black window frames of the house.
A solid wooden staircase with dito balustrades. The railing is painted black so he stands out well and the stage gets a modern yet classic look.
The glass balustrades ensure a nice balance and creates extra light in this steel staircase.
A balustrade consisting of two large flat rolled steel plates.
A closed balustrade that consists of one piece and therefore seems to merge with the stairs.

Visit all stair projects and associated railings here. The possibilities in the field of railings and balustrades are great considering there are a lot of materials, colors and shapes.

Curious about what’s possible in the field of balustrades? Or do you have a staircase project we can help you with? Please feel free to contact us.