Meeting place

The grandstand stairs play a crucial role in the design of the Young Capital headquarters. It forms the connection between the ground floor with reception and restaurant and the workplaces on the floor above. The staircase is also a meeting place and can be used for presentations, for example.

The use of stretch metal makes the stairs nicely open and the connection between the two floors becomes even better.


Djurre van Bruchem (4th generation) is the chief designer of the family business and is involved in every project. We work with architects and individuals in the Netherlands and abroad.


Steel Steel
Oak Oak
  • STEPS 38mm, Oak
  • RISERS 38mm, Oak
  • STRINGERS 200*100*4 Steel
  • HANDRAILS ø 40mm, Steel
  • BALUSTRADES 40*40*3mm Steel and stretch steel
  • ARCHITECT Dames2
  • Design Van Bruchem Staircases
Staal en houten rechte trap
"After a very pleasant and smooth design process with Dames 2 and Young Capital, the challenging production started, followed by the assembly. These are all huge weights, but we succeeded perfectly!"
Djurre van Bruchem
Tribunetrap hout en staal

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