Steel Spiral Staircase

This sturdy staircase fits perfectly in a sporty environment and gives a nice contract with the materials in the dressing room.

The steel steps are covered with a layer of rubber so that there is more grip while walking on the stairs. The round handrail is made of untreated stainless steel.

Finally, the matte powder coating applied in 2 layers gives the fence an amazing effect.


Sport City

Van Bruchem Staircases combines authentic craftsmanship with innovative design. This results in tailor-made art works that perfectly match their surroundings.


Steel Steel
Stainless steel Stainless steel
  • STEPS 10mm steel with rubber
  • STRINGERS Spindle Ø 320mm steel
  • RAILINGS Ø 40mm stainless steel
  • BALUSTRADES 30*30*2mm steel
  • Design Van Bruchem Staircases
Spiltrap Sportcity
"Sturdy strong steel fits perfectly with sports performance!"
Djurre van Bruchem
Spiltrap Sportcity

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