Complex in its simplicity

One of our most striking designs; 2 spiral staircases that consist entirely of stacked oak beams. It gives a spectacular picture.

The design involved quite a few technical challenges, which we are happy to take on at Van Bruchem. Steel provisions have been made in the beams to achieve constructively good staircases. Furthermore, the bottom of the beams is made oblique to create a nice walk. The steel round railing ripples up with the stairs.

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Djurre van Bruchem (4th generation) is the chief designer of the family business and is involved in every project. We work with architects and individuals in the Netherlands and abroad.


Oak Oak
Steel Steel
  • STEPS 200mm, Oak
  • HANDRAIL ø 40mm, Steel
  • BALUSTRADE ø 80mm Oak, ø 10mm Steel
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"Very special stairs for a very special family. From the first meeting in our studio it was an inspiring and smooth collaboration. The design of the spiral staircases was perfectly realized by our technical people."
Djurre van Bruchem
Spiral wooden beams

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