Solid oak

Off course, this beautiful, classic home in Doorn requires impressive wooden stairs. The profiling in the steps and the stair stringers ensure that the stairs and the interior connect seamlessly. The solid oak steps have the same finish as the wooden floors.

The stairs play a crucial role in the luxurious and rustic look of the house.

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Djurre van Bruchem (4th generation) is the chief designer of the family business and is involved in every project. We work with architects and individuals in the Netherlands and abroad.


Oak Oak
  • STEPS 60mm, oak
  • RISERS 12mm, oak
  • STRINGERS 38mm, oak
  • BARS ø 22mm, oak
  • HANDRAILS 50x80mm, oak
  • DESIGN Van Bruchem Staircases
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"Very nice to design and realize classic stairs with the team once again. The stairs and the interior are beautiful united."
Djurre van Bruchem
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