Red Pump

A colorful eye-catcher for this school. But not only the color of this staircase is special, also the design. The steps fanning upwards which gives a welcoming effect.

In addition, we have closed one side of the stairs and balustrade and opened the other side by working with glass. One side is supported with a pillar on the ground, which also reminds us of a  red lacquered pump!

Archipel 01 zonder

Van Bruchem Staircases combines authentic craftsmanship with innovative design. This results in bespoke artwork that perfectly match their surroundings.


Rubberwood Rubberwood
Glas Glas
  • STEPS 100mm rubberwood met traanplaat
  • STRINGERS 100mm rubberwood
  • BALUSTRADE Glas 10.10.2
  • HANDRAIL ø50mm RVS
  • ARCHITECT Archipel
  • DESIGN Van Bruchem Staircases
Straight stairs for school
"A modern staircase for a modern school building!"
Djurre van Bruchem
Red lacquered staircase

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