Stony sculpture

They are the flagship of the entrance hall of the New Logic III distribution center in Tilburg: the impressive staircases that revolve nine meters in height.

Based on a sketch of Habeon, we have made a number of 3d designs. We had a few additions and the enthusiastic client as well.

Among other things, the challenges were that the bottom of the stairs had to be made square and flat, the integrated handrail with led detail and the platforms that were concealed in the flowing stair stringers.

The result is a stony sculpture where we have applied special building techniques.


LID stands for ‘Limitless in Design’ and is the latest construction method of Van Bruchem Staircases. It combines three basic materials; a steel structure, special filling and a hard top layer (any finish possible). With this invention, we offer many more possibilities in terms of customization. Any shape can be created now. The staircase designs become a piece of art.


Oak Oak
Glas Glas
  • STEPS 20mm oak
  • STRINGERS 100mm steel, finished with stucco
  • RISERS 20mm oak
  • BALUSTRADE 22mm glass
  • HANDRAILS Integrated in the outer stringer, incl. led
  • DESIGN Van Bruchem Staircases
Spiral Stairs
"It was a constructive challenge, but with a terrific result."
Djurre van Bruchem
Exclusieve design trap

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