Unique design

The spiral staircases that we designed and realized for this special location consist entirely of mahogany wood. The design is absolutely unique in the Netherlands because of the design and the immense size. The stair stringers are no less than 17 cm thick, and the handrail that runs over the bars is 17 cm wide.

The main balusters and other balusters are set up in a grand design to match the overall design. The mahogany wood is sprayed black and finished with varnish in the work.

Light has been applied to the underside of the paneling, which we also made. In other areas of this complex we have designed and built several smaller staircases in the same style.

Sketches Stairs 20152 zonder

Van Bruchem Staircases combines authentic craftsmanship with innovative design. This results in tailor-made art works that perfectly match their surroundings.


Mahogany Mahogany
  • STEPS 60mm, mahogany
  • RISRES 20mm, mahogany
  • STRINGERS 170mm, mahogany
  • HANDRAILS 170mm, mahogany
  • ARCHITECT Friso Woudstra
  • Design Van Bruchem Staircases
"One of the most extraordinary stair projects we have ever done in the Netherlands. We have built huge Renaissance-style staircases entirely in wood."
Djurre van Bruchem

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