Straight design stairs

In this house we played with the combination of oak and steel staircases.

With the steelĀ  staircase you reach the first floor. The steps have been set round, which makes the appearance softer, more friendly.

The bottom steps are self-supporting, above that each step is separately attached to the wall

The oak stairs to the basement are lightly brushed. In the overall design, the steel and wood come together through the steel wall railing.


Rechte stalen en houtentrap

Van Bruchem Staircases combines authentic craftsmanship with innovative design. The results in tailor-made art works that perfectly match their surroundings.


Oak Oak
Steel Steel
  • STEPS 8mm steel
  • STEPS 38mm oak
  • RISERS 38mm oak
  • RAILINGS 8*40mm steel
  • Design Van Bruchem Staircases and Thomstudio
Rechte stalentrap WGW
"You would think, a simple straight stairs, design makes these stairs cool and stylish!"
Djurre van Bruchem
Rechte stalentrap WGW

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