floating feeling

For a private residence in Amsterdam South, we have designed a staircase and railing to stronger connect the different levels.

The hallway already has a central staircase, but there is deliberately chosen for an eye-catcher in the living room. From the living room you can look down into the kitchen. This space we have intentionally left open to create more connection.

The staircase provides a floating feeling as the outer stringer is concealed in the wall and there is only a small contact point with the inner stringer. The latter disappears behind the glass profile, which gives a view at the head end of the steel steps. The steps are deliberately kept slim to further accentuate the floating effect.

Schets zwevende trap met glas

Van Bruchem Staircases combines authentic craftsmanship with innovative design. This results in bespoke artwork that perfectly match their surroundings.


Steel Steel
Glass Glass
  • STEPS 10mm, Steel
  • STRINGERS 10mm, Steel
  • HANDRAIL 60/50mm, Steel
  • BALUSTRADES Layered, tempered glass in steel profile
  • Design Van Bruchem Staircases
Zwevende trap met glas en staal
"An all-steel staircase provides a quiet atmosphere. So for this house it became a design with as few different materials as possible."
Djurre van Bruchem
Stalen treden moderne trap

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